I am looking for a new wired doorbell. What unique features do Honeywell Wired Doorbells offer?

  • The new range of Honeywell Wired Doorbells features innovative and revolutionary design by one of the UK’s leading design houses.
  • The Halo Light and LED Strobe features use light and colour to provide visual alerts for the hard of hearing as well as accentuating asthetics – Available on all Honeywell Doorbell series (Except DW311x).
  • The Mute and Sleep timer features offer disturbance-free options for nap-times and movie nights – Available on all Honeywell Doorbell series (except DW311x, DW313x).
  • Push fit connectors enable easy installation of bell wires and doorbell connection to wall bracket – Available on all Honeywell DWXXXx Wired Doorbell Series.